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Thanksgiving Hike to Cape Flattery & Shi Shi Beach


With a long-weekend off of work and ample opportunity to unwind, I chose to venture to the most northwestern point in the contiguous US, Cape Flattery.  I also completed much of the Shi Shi Beach hike which is south of Cape Flattery and part of the Olympic National Park.  Both of these destinations are on the land of the Makah Tribe, which means “people generous with food” in the Salish...

12 Months, 12 Books Challenge – 6 Month Check In


I was inspired by a Facebook post earlier this year and decided to take part in the 12 Months, 12 Books challenge – with a few twists. I have suffered from book hoarding. When I moved to Washington I left my enormous book collection in Pennsylvania (probably to the dislike of the relatives tasked with storing them). I arrived here with only a few books that my girlfriend had pulled from my...

Volunteering with the Llamas of Stillpointe


I awoke shortly after sunrise to volunteer at Stillpointe Llama Sanctuary in Seabeck, WA. Llamas are fantastic animals with bold and distinct personalities.  It has become somewhat of a morning meditation weekend ritual to volunteer at the sanctuary every Saturday and Sunday.  I am not unfamiliar with working outdoor labor intensive jobs but it has been awhile and its nice to get back to it...

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