Volunteering with the Llamas of Stillpointe

I awoke shortly after sunrise to volunteer at Stillpointe Llama Sanctuary in Seabeck, WA.

Llamas are fantastic animals with bold and distinct personalities.  It has become somewhat of a morning meditation weekend ritual to volunteer at the sanctuary every Saturday and Sunday.  I am not unfamiliar with working outdoor labor intensive jobs but it has been awhile and its nice to get back to it. Contributing to the sanctuary and working with the Llamas is very rewarding.

I just recently learned of the significance of the word “Stillpoint” from Chela (one of the founders of the sanctuary). I can best relay the definition of the Stillpoint through a quote I found by a reiki master by the name of Jim Ewing.  He said that the Stillpoint is “when your being is infinite for one micro-millisecond, when every thought, every intention — your very being — are broadcast to the universe in all dimensions. This is the Stillpoint, the all-time-no-time point of power.”

Here are a few of the Llamas that I am privileged enough to see every weekend.

Kernal the Llama of Stillpointe Sanctuary in Seabeck WA
Sierra the Llama of Stillpointe Sanctuary in Seabeck WA
Pacer the Llama of Stillpointe Sanctuary in Seabeck WA

If you have an interest in volunteering your time and/or donating to the StillPointe Llama Sanctuary their website is located at www.stillpointesanctuary.org. You can also contact me and I will assist you in making it happen!

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